What should I do if I can’t find the benchmark online?

It’s possible you’ve made a typo in the search box (I did that a bunch while constructing these puzzles). Read the section of the Starting Line on benchmarks and how to locate them again.

If you’re confident you’re looking in the right place, check your puzzle solution. More likely than not, your solution is wrong. For some puzzles, it’s possible to be off by a letter or two. For other puzzles, you may be looking for completely the wrong thing.

If you absolutely know you’ve got the right answer and you absolutely know you’re searching for it properly and you absolutely cannot find a benchmark in the database with the proper designation located in Broward County, Florida, then it is possible (but unlikely) that the Groundspeak database may be broken. In that case, please let me know and I will verify it for you.

Why doesn’t the password work?

Either you’ve arrived at an incorrect solution to a puzzle, or you haven’t converted that solution into a proper password.

If you’ve got the correct solution, then the method for turning it into a proper password is as follows:

All page passwords consist only of lower-case letters (a-z) and numerical digits (0-9); no spaces or symbols are used. For any potential password you discover here, remove all spaces and symbols, and convert all upper-case letters to lower-case.

Will you check my work?

Yes. Send email to me at info@puzzlehead.org and include the puzzle name or number in the subject line. Or use the Contact form on this site.

However, if you’re asking me to check your work, then it’s very likely that you’ve either made an error that you are able to spot yourself, or you need to do some more thinking about what the puzzle is asking you to do or what you’ve learned about the puzzle so far.

Can I get a hint?

Yes. At the bottom of each puzzle page is a section titled “Hints” which contains a link to hints specifically for that puzzle. The hints are protected by spoiler buttons, so you can choose how spoiled you want to be.