What happened to the Local Challenge?

The place where the container was hidden deteriorated to the point where the container was completely exposed to muggles. The log book and contents have disappeared. Consequently, the cache has been archived.

What should I do if I think a Local Challenge clue is missing?

It is unlikely but possible that a clue may disappear from its hiding spot. If you are certain that your solution to a puzzle is correct, you are certain that you have identified the correct benchmark, and you are certain that you’ve searched in every possible location where the clue might be, please use the contact form on this site to let me know. Please include:

  • the puzzle number,
  • the designation of the benchmark,
  • a specific list of places you searched (include photos if you can), and
  • whether or not you’ve found any of the other clues.

If you’ve looked in the right spot and I can verify that it has gone missing, I’ll save you a return visit by sending you the information you need to continue.

What do the Local Challenge Clues look like?

Each Local Challenge Clue is clearly marked with the word “GEODYSSEY” and contains both a link and a keyword. The clues are magnetic and designed to be resistant to the elements. All of the clues have similar size, shape, and form – they only differ in the information they contain. Once you’ve found one, you will know exactly what the rest look like.

How will I know when I’ve solved the final puzzle of this challenge?

You will have completed this challenge when you use the correct password to open a page whose title says that it’s the final page of the challenge. That page will contain a big congratulatory message on it, the tracking code you’ll need for the travel bug, and other surprises. There’s really no way to miss it – if you’re not certain that you’re done, you’re not done.