Welcome to the Geodyssey puzzle hunt! This hunt consists of three challenges:

If you are able to visit South Florida, then the Local Challenge is for you. Solving the initial set of puzzles will take you to a variety of locations in Broward County, Florida, where you will find the keys to unlock a special final puzzle for this challenge.

If you are not able to visit South Florida, then the Remote Challenge is for you. It includes all of the puzzles in the Local Challenge as well as its own special final puzzle.

Regardless of where you are, you can put your intuition and observation skills to the test with the Hidden Challenge. There’s a puzzle hidden somewhere on this site … find it and solve it to complete the challenge!

This puzzle collection has an additional reward for geocachers: each challenge is associated with its own virtual travel bug. When you successfully complete a challenge, you’ll be given the tracking code for its travel bug so that you can prove your puzzle-solving prowess by logging your discovery on geocaching.com.

During the contest period in 2016, two extra puzzles were released that were unrelated to any of the three challenges. The Bonus Puzzle was released on March 14, and the Final Final Puzzle was released on April 1.

This puzzlehunt was inspired by the book Puzzlecraft: The Ultimate Guide on How to Construct Every Kind of Puzzle by Mike Selinker and Thomas Snyder.