About This Site

This site contains a collection of puzzles I constructed that were directly or indirectly inspired by the book Puzzlecraft by Mike Selinker and Thomas Snyder. My motivation was to see if I could apply the lessons I’d learned in the book as well as to motivate other future puzzlemakers.

I decided to self-publish my puzzles here to make them available to the public. The puzzles you’ll find on this site are intended to be challenging but not ridiculous. Their difficulty and required effort are, for the most part, about as difficult as 1-star or 2-star puzzles you might find in the “Pencilwise” section of Games Magazine.

Most of them can be solved with pencil and paper, but some do take advantage of the web as a publication medium. For the most part, the puzzle pages are printer-friendly and have links to PDF versions in case your web browser doesn’t cooperate.

There are three separate challenges available on this site: Local, Remote, and Hidden. All three of the challenges have a geocaching element to them. Each has its own travel bug – complete the challenge and you’ll be given the code to log a Discovered It entry on it.

I decided to run a contest to motivate the public to solve them. Whether or not they’re compelling is left as an exercise to the reader.

I hope you accept (and complete!) the challenges on this site and that you enjoy the puzzles you’ll find here. I am very interested in hearing your feedback – both positive and negative – about anything you find here.