Geodyssey 1

Allison and Antimony Smith

(aka KickingAllie and antimony13)

I’ve never met antimony13 in person, but she had a profound effect on the way I played the game of geocaching. Her drive to set challenges for herself and then complete them is something everyone should aspire to find, and she’s got an elegant simplicity in her puzzle construction.

Antimony13 has been geocaching since February 2001, over two years before her daughter KickingAllie was born. She’s found geocaches in 25 countries and 21 US states. She has attended every single Cacheapalooza, and she created the iPod puzzle cache series. She is a third-generation Florida native as well as an avid University of Florida fan and proud alumna. And she turned her GPS receiver into a travel bug, logging almost 200,000 miles between caches she’s found.

KickingAllie found her first cache when just a few months old while in a stroller. At the time this puzzlehunt was published in 2016, she was 12 years old, in 6th grade, and in her 7th year as a Girl Scout. She has earned her Bronze Award, and is making plans for her Silver and Gold Award (Girl Scout equivalent of Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts). She created the 46-cache Girl Scout Trefoil geocaching artwork (with a little help from Mom). She was her school’s 2015 Spelling Bee Champion, and she participated in the Miami Herald Spelling Bee

My favorite story about antimony13 is about when she and lorriebird were competing to get first-to-find honors on my Puzzle Solving 101 Final Exam geocache. At least, they led me to believe that they were competing head-to-head – in reality, they had been collaborating on the final all along, and I had no idea until I saw this photo posted in their log entries:

lorriebird and antimony13 at the PS101 Final Exam
lorriebird and antimony13 at the PS101 Final Exam

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