Puzzle 11 Hints

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What should I do now that I am thoroughly convinced that the constructor has made an error somewhere?
Walk away, do something else for at least 30 minutes, then come back and start over with a fresh copy of the puzzle. Assume nothing. Test everything. I can assure you wholeheartedly that the numbers in the rows and columns are completely correct and that there is a single, unique solution. This puzzle has had more testing than any other puzzle in all of Geodyssey.
This thing is driving me crazy and I am desperate and stuck. Now what?
Punch “nonogram solver” into your favorite search engine. There are many¬†free online¬†apps that will solve these sorts of puzzles for you (some of which I used to check the accuracy of the construction).
I'm done. What am I looking at?
The first letters in the words of the puzzle title are a hint.
I can't read it. Now what?
Pencil is sometimes too light to scan correctly, especially if you’ve made a bunch of pencil marks in the white spaces. Increase the contrast in some way – going over all of the shaded cells with a black marker works really well.