Bonus Puzzle Hints

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Would you please give me a hint?
I already gave you a bunch! There is a hint in the title of the puzzle, in each section number, in the instruction in each section, and even in the solution to Part II. Here’s another hint: THEY’RE ALL THE SAME HINT.
Would you please give me another hint?
The image at the top of the page contains a big, easily visible hint.
Would you please give me yet another hint?
This puzzle was released on a thematically-important minor holiday.
Is 3 first or not?
The title of the puzzle is the answer to that question.
The message I got out of Part II doesn't make any sense. Now what?
The assumption that there is a one-to-one relationship between digits and letters is not valid. Try decoding it again.
I'm in the right place, so what am I looking for?
Find the simplest thing that fits the theme of this puzzle.