Paper Anniversary Puzzle 1

Happy First Anniversary, Geodyssians!

You have successfully unlocked the first in a miniseries of puzzles to celebrate the first anniversary of Geodyssey, which was originally released on National Puzzle Day (Jan 29) 2016. Because the traditional first anniversary gift is paper and because puzzles are often found in newspapers, all of the puzzles in this miniseries have a newspaper theme.

Solve each puzzle in the series to get the password for the next puzzle. Be sure to remember the password rules for this site. You will absolutely, unconditionally know when you’ve reached the end of this series. When you get there, please follow the confirmation instructions on the final page.

As of this writing (in Jan 2017), the Geodyssey site has served over 50,000 pages to 4,000 different visitors in more than 50 countries around the world. Keep the dream alive by spreading the word of Geodyssey to your friends, neighbors, and internet buddies.

Here’s your first puzzle … good luck!

If the Headline is Big Enough, It Makes the News Big Enough

In the cells in the diagram below, place the letters in the titles of some of the most popular movies featuring characters that own or work for (or once owned or worked for) a newspaper. The list of titles is for you to determine. Use only one letter per cell, and do not include punctuation marks.

To assist you, some of the cells in the titles are connected by lines to cells that contain identical letters in other titles. The connecting lines cross but do not intersect – treat each crossing as one line going over the top of the other.

For example, if one of the entries was NEWSIES and the entry below it was MEET JOHN DOE, then there would be a line connecting the N in NEWSIES to the N in JOHN, and two lines connecting the Es in NEWSIES to the Es in MEET and/or DOE.

There are two columns of titles in the diagram. The cells in the titles at the top of each column are connected to each other, as are the cells in the titles at the bottom of each column.

When you finish filling in the titles, the letters in the five shaded cells can be arranged to spell a common English word. That word is the password for the next page.

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