Geodyssey 5

Tate Garrett

I first met Tate when his daughter auditioned to be part of a choir that my wife founded. That audition ultimately led to a discovery of his many talents as well as his love for choral music, which led to his appointment to the choir’s board of directors. He’s smart, pragmatic, humble, willing to help, and unafraid to take on tough challenges.

I knew Tate was a puzzle enthusiast when I saw him solving the NYT crossword while waiting for his daughter’s rehearsal to end. As one of the smartest people I know, he’s been hugely helpful by testing the puzzles on this site.

Tate is a choral musician himself, and he currently sings with the Master Chorale of South Florida. Here’s a 2014 performance by the MCSF – Tate is in the third row from the top, just right of center.

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