Puzzle 8

The Theme

I’ve had a lot of fun building puzzles over the years. I’m a software engineer by day, so puzzle-solving is most of what I do as a professional.

But what I’ve enjoyed the most about puzzles is the community of people I’ve found that loves solving puzzles as much as I do. My family members often solve puzzles together in the car or at the kitchen table. I’ve got a white board at work where I regularly post puzzles for my co-workers (shown above – I’m on the bottom left). And I really love meeting people who visit the Puzzle Solving 101 Final Exam.

The people in the photo above and as well as all of the people who participated in constructing this puzzle are among the many individuals who have influenced me in a myriad of direct and indirect ways as a solver and constructor. Thanks to all of them and the many, many more I was unable to include here.

The Motivation

Because the mechanism of delivering this puzzle’s content involved many participants with lots of variables, I needed to keep the content reasonably simple. I also wanted to avoid spoiling the entire puzzle for any of the individual participants. Fortunately, the anaquote fit the bill perfectly.

The Puzzle

52° 39′ 56″ N 8° 37′ 37″ W

To solve this puzzle, you will need all of the 3-letter sequences called trigrams shown in each of the photos on the pages you found by following the Challenge Clue link for puzzles 1 through 7.

Arrange the trigrams in the proper order to reveal a limerick that gives the password for the next puzzle page. Add spaces where necessary to create word breaks. The lengths of each word in the message are:

5  5  3  7 / 10  5  3  10 / 8  4  5 / 2  4  3  4  4 / 3  8  2  10

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