Geodyssey 6

Iris Levy

(aka ikolor)

I first met Iris several years ago at a Talk Like a Pirate Day geocaching event. I’d seen her log entries on many of my puzzles, but my favorite one of all was her April Fool’s Day “Found It” log entry for my Treasure Hunt cache.

In August 2014, Iris was named the Geocacher of the Month on, and everything they wrote in that announcement is absolutely true: “Iris embodies all the positive qualities of Geocaching. Every Geocacher I know considers her a friend. She is always there to lend a helping hand. Her events are always fun and eagerly awaited. No puzzle can guard its secrets from her solving skills. She really enjoys getting out there and finding a cache. It doesn’t matter if its a simple park and grab or a difficult multi stage hike in the woods. Her caches are many and well thought out. Overall she is very deserving of this honor.”

ikolor searching for The Ghost Orchid (GC112JY)

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