Can I make my own puzzle based upon Geodyssey?

Sure, as long as you follow the terms of the license. You don’t need my permission as long as you (a) give me credit, (b) don’t make money off of it, and (c) distribute your work under the same license terms. If you want to create and distribute a derivative work under any other terms, please contact me – I’m not opposed to making a deal.

What does the name “Geodyssey” mean?

First, it is a portmanteau of the prefix geo- meaning “of or relating to the earth” and the title of the classic Greek play The Odyssey, which tells the tale of the travels of its main character Odysseyus.

Second, it is a play on the word geodesy, which is the scientific discipline that deals with the measurement and representation of the Earth.

What happened to the Local Challenge geocache?

The place where the container was hidden deteriorated to the point where the container was completely exposed to muggles. The log book and contents have disappeared. Consequently, the cache has been archived.